Why are we doxxed?

Transparency and trust are lacking in the dizzying world of NFTs and TSI plans to be the change it wishes to see and lead by example. Transparency not only shows you the team running the project, it is about knowing the genuine values, structure and objectives of our project. It is important for us to showcase all our past business ventures and success in sport so people can see we have built a team that can scale this project with their past experience. Some projects use doxxing as a way to build hype, but all we’re looking for is to build trust. This is the team that’s creating the #1 sports project on Web3 and TSI is the project that will outlive us all.

Founder, CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Garbett

Co-Founder, CIO - Chief Innovation Officer

Jason Freed

COO - Chief Operating Officer

Ryan Bevington

CRO - Chief Recruitment Officer

Drew Shore


Keith Miller

Graphic Designer

Steve Push


Clint Dinnel

Social Media Marketing

Stephanie Novak

Community Manager

Alec Ciulla

Meet our amazing team

Our team has been very successful in business and sports. We hope to use everything we’ve learned in what it takes to succeed to guide all of us in building the best sports community in web3 with you by our side. We are excited to build something truly special that will help athletes and teams, who are in need, for years to come. Check out our live paper to learn more about our team and the intricate details of how we plan to succeed.